It s not perfect or totally symmetrical. Needs some work and could easily be restored. It functions easily as is, and can store a lot of stuff. It s VERY heavy so you would need 2 people to get it out of here.
No rips or stains Pick up cobble hill
City Select Double stroller with a step stand. Comes with a canopy cover for a seat. Tray for a seat and a Front compartment. Seats can face each other or both in one direction. One seat can be taken out and only be used as a single stroller. Folds very neatly and fits in a back seat if needed. Loved it for my three munchkins. Hope someone else can use and love it like we did.
Large, 6.5 ft tall heavy room divider. Will need two people to move if I am not here to help. On one side there is a very faint stencil of bamboo. Beautiful as is or refinish to your liking.
Pick up cobble hill No long holds Xposted No stains
Vintage dresser with mirror and blue curved glass shelves!
Pick up cobble hill Minor hole on corner doesnt affect use Xposted Retails for 299.99 new Clean


Super cute vintage chair! It just does not go with my other furniture. In very good shape for how old it is
Real Leather clean. I added some blocks so the rumba can clean under it, and easily removed. We have 2 cats and some marks from them. The discolour is because I cleaned it with the wrong cleaner. 2500 new. Really comfortable
Beautiful addition, in your bedroom, office or living room. New and just used for staging. It s about 3 x2 (27" x 17")
Pick up in Cobble Hill Freezer trays with lids for freezing baby food into individual portions. Cross posted.
Item posted in the Building Sets & Blocks category
Pick up cobble hill Xposted
Pick up in Cobble Hill These were the ONLY bottles my daughter would take. I think it s because the nipples are slightly flat and have a texture to then instead of being perfectly smooth. Missing one cap. Cross posted.
Clean smoke free home Hardley touched No room to keep
Comes with 2.5 refills Located in cobble hill Xposted
Cover comes off. Completely washable.
Item posted in the Rattles & Teethers category
Converts into a ball pit. Our babes loved it. I will include all the balls I can find.
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